Cultivating Self Awareness

I like reading, always have, well maybe not when my mom would send me to read book after book when I wanted to watch Saturday cartoons, but even then that quickly changed and now personally, I don’t own a television (though my Netflix subscription has beeen getting way too much eye time lately, ahem). This has given me lots of time to learn things. Yoga for body comfort, meditation for peace of mind, sewing, crochet, and carpentry to keep my hands, and mind busy, plus lots of other stuff it would take too much time to go into. Am I an expert at any of these things? Nope. But I’m well past beginner in all of them, and past proficient in most of them. All of this brings me to the thing I haven’t spent enough time learning about, and that’s myself.

There are reasons why I’ve avoided the topic of self that one day I’ll feel brave enough exposing to an internet full of soon to be friends, but today is not that day. This is not to say I’m completely ambivalent towards myself; my favorite color to look at is blue, to wear is grey, my favorite food are fruits, and whistling is something  I’ve accepted I’ll never be able to do (maybe).

An-tee-way, self awareness has been buzzing in the back of my mind lately. I even talked to my sister, Talia, about creating a self awareness program that we would perfect with ourselves, and hopefully make it inclusive enough to offer to others.

I admire Gary Vee, if you don’t know him, I don’t know where on the internets you’ve been, but you should get to know him. Entrepreneur extraordinaire, motivational whizkid, and all around great seeming guy (gush over). He talks about self awareness being the most important factor to his success. The most interesting thing about it is he consistently says while you need it, he does not know how to create it. I want to figure it out, and I want to help anyone who needs it as badly as I do. So, this is me experimenting and learning how to know myself.

Cheers to an awesome, interesting, and knowledgeable journey!

Love you hunny bunnies- xo


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