Learn, Create, Move, and Soothe

I was feeling a tiny bit bit negative for the past few days. Not enough to pinpoint it at first, not until last night when I was feeeling so annoyed, and unsure, it was clear I wasn’t in a good space. I did some deep thinking about the difference between this week and the last one, and I realized it was because I wasn’t actively pursing happiness and positivity. It’s easy to fall into a bad place when you haven’t created a routine around avoiding it. To change that I realize that the best way for me to be positive is to incorporate four core principles everyday: Learn, Create, Move, and Soothe.

Learn means I need to expand my brain a little, or a lot, everyday. If I don’t read something, or actively do something, that allows me to learn more about the world, other people,  science/math/tech, or myself, I feel bereft. It’s why I love carpentry so much. Did I mention that prior to my accident I worked 40+ hours per week as a carpenter apprentice mastering the trade, one wall at a time. Being able to look back at the end of the day, and see what my hands and mind was capable of was extremely empowering, and it’s why Create is included in my daily things.

Because it’s hard to sit, or stand, or lay down for very long, creating things as far as carpentry is concerned is out of the question. Instead I focus on creating stories, dolls, art, or music (fun fact: I own 3 guitars I’m not very good at playing). Most of what I create is just for me, and is a painstakingly (literally pain in my butt 😂) slow process that involves me changing positions frequently, and/or stopping all together just before the rhythm of satisfaction kicks in. I persist though, knowing that I will create something I love is important. Moving forward (haha), we come to Move.

I love to dance. The kind of love that would force me from a car stopped at an intersection in order to really move the way the song called for. The kind of love that was wrapped in soca, tied with salsa, grounded with tunes from the 50’s – 70’s, sprinkled with soulful pop, and seasoned with hip hop and R’n’B. I still love this music, and I still love dance, it’s just that my body doesn’t cooperate the way it used to,( I still have hope that it will again). Which is why I chair dance and head bop with every opportunity. I am also walking as much as I am able- sometimes a little more than I probably should, but the only way I can get bettter is to do as much as I can, when I can.

Lastly is Soothe. It can be meditation, or listening to music, imagining the future, or having my feet rubbed. Anything that gives me the peace of mind I need to calm the racing and sometimes negative thoughts that stomp their muddy boots through my mind.

So there it is my daily must do’s. Do you have any? Maybe you should.

Ciao Bella/Bello



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